Walk Away

A web-based project by Naomi Bueno de Mesquita and part of the exhibition Mind Your Step at Zone2Source

Project description

The use of digital maps on mobile devices have a profound effect on how we relate to our surrounding and to others in it. An implication of the dependence on navigational systems increasingly impedes our ability to experience where we are and renders the aimless stroll or chance encounter increasingly remote.

Walk Away is a map app (and a form of critical cartography) that invites the user to erase the digital map of Amsterdam. A physical movement in what Henri Lefebvre (1991) calls the ´lived space´ continuously overrides the ´conceived space´—the space that is theorised, such as that of a map—with which this counter mapping enables to create openings in the map and to reimagine spatial configurations.

With this project, artist and researcher Naomi Bueno de Mesquita points to the participatory quality of digital mapping emphasising how in particular realtime mapping can be purposed for collective co-authorship on spaces, agency, and appropriation.


Are you ready to erase the map of Amsterdam? You can use the web app on any smartphone with an internet connection. The only prerequisite is that you are outdoors in Amsterdam. The web app is active until the 30th of November 2020. No registration is required, so you can use it anonymously.

Before you start please:

1) In Settings (Instellingen) go to Chrome app (or download the app) and turn location services to 'ON'

2) Turn the automatic screen lock to 'OFF'

Android: Settings (Instellingen) -> Display -> Screen Timeout (Time-out scherm)-> Longest Time Available. 

iPhone: Settings (Instellingen)-> Display & Brightness (Beeldscherm & Helderheid)-> Auto Lock (Automatisch slot)-> Never

3) Using the Chrome browser go to this link: https://tinyurl.com/walkawaytool

Beware: the tool has to be used in Chrome for best performance, other browsers might not work optimal.

Have fun erasing the streets of Amsterdam!

Optionally (but highly appreciated): at some point you may add a video (less than 60 seconds) along your walk.

While you film the street tell something about your experience of erasing. Why did you select this street, what do you think of this project,...?

Disclaimer: This is an art/research project, we are in beta version, so please be patient when the video is being uploaded, it may take – a bit of – time.


The map and videos are updated in realtime and can be viewed at Zone2Source or by going to ´results´ on this web-page.


This project forms part of the exhibition Mind Your Step at Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam. Open on Sat-Sun 13.00 - 17.00 and upon request (4 October - 29 November, 2020), more info: zone2source.net/mindyourstep.

Software developer of Walk Away: Iván Fuciños Calle

For questions or remarks you can contact the researcher at naomi.buenodemesquita@gmail.com To see more of her research visit her website performativemapping.com